Azrou Washed Linen Embroidered Placemat
Moroccan Embroidery Washed Linen Placemat

Azrou Placemat


Bring vintage Moroccan embroidery design to your table with our Azrou placemat. The 100% washed linen ivory fabric is hand embroidered by our partner women artisans from the old Medina of Fez, one of the last places where this precious know-how still exists. Pair it with our matching Azrou napkin for a complete look. 


  • Origin: Fez Old Medina
  • Size: 50 x 40 cm (16“ x 20“)
  • Color: Beige embroidery on ivory
  • Materials: Cotton embroidery over 100% washed linen fabric
  • Care: Machine wash, tumble dry
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The Folks

Our table linens collection was created in collaboration with two women artisans from Fez old Medina. These master artisans work from the comfort of their homes, while taking care of their families. Khadija patiently embroiders each piece while Hasna adds the final border stitches.

The Tale

Fassie embroidery, in reference to the city of Fez, is an ancestral art that has been practiced by Moroccan women for centuries. It is passed down from generation to generation as mothers teach it to their daughters, and as embroidered fabrics have been the centerpiece of the trousseau of the bride since antiquity in Fassie families. This art is based on precision and patience as each piece is embroidered by hand using simply an embroidery hoop, needle and thimble.