Tam Weavers

Marrakesh Area

A group of 160 artisans specializing in traditional weaving using the finest cotton and wool. Founded by Abdessadek who is from a family of weavers, the cooperative aims at providing artisans with humane work conditions and sustainable income as well as preserving an endangered craft.

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The Women of Aït Hamza

Middle Atlas

Our partner artisans from the village of Aït Hamza in the Atlas Mountains are masters of high-quality intricate Berber weaving. This group of nine women are preserving an ancestral technique they learned from their mothers, a sign of belonging to the Amazigh community.

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Medina Weavers

Fez Old Medina

Inside the fascinating maze of Fez’s old Medina, we stumbled upon Yahya’s atelier, where ancestral horizontal loom weaving is preserved in the purest tradition. Each textile is meticulously weaved from high-quality local sheep wool and handcrafted from start to finish.

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