We are all about the folks who handcraft our products and tales we tell through them

The Women of Aït Hamza

Middle Atlas

Our partner artisans from the village of Aït Hamza in the Atlas Mountains are masters of high-quality intricate Berber weaving. This group of six women are preserving an ancestral technique they learned from their mothers, a sign of belonging to the berber community.

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Medina Weavers

Fez Old Medina

Inside the fascinating maze of Fez’s old Medina, we stumbled upon Yahya’s atelier, where ancestral horizontal loom weaving is preserved in the purest tradition. Each textile is meticulously weaved from hight-quality local sheep wool and handcrafted from start to finish.

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Fez Potters


Forging, firing and intricate hand painting, our partner potters from Fez master the many aspects of ceramics craftsmanship. In this family-owned workshop, know-how is passed on from one generation to the next and the finest traditions withstand the test of time.

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