Modern Home Textiles Rooted in Traditions

Each Product has a Story to Tell

We create home goods that will infuse your interior with the authentic and diverse beauty of ancestral craftsmanship. Each product tells a specific story through its unique design and the hands of the artisan who patiently crafted it. By blending traditional shapes, patterns and materials with modern aesthetics and colors, we create authentic yet trendy pieces that will bring that coveted twist to your space.

Quintessential Craftsmanship on a Mission

Each one of our pieces is the result of collaborative work with a group of artisans. We explore Morocco’s small cities and remote villages to forge ethical long-term partnerships with communities of artisans, mastering ancestral craftsmanship techniques that have been passed on from one generation to the next. We are also on a mission to promote women artisans and empower them financially, by going to the source, cutting the middleman and practicing fair-trade standards. We believe in creating virtuous ecosystems where we grow together with all of our partners.

Sustainability as a Core Value

Our artisan partners work as their ancestors used to, with a 100% handmade production process. As part of our collaboration with them, we carefully select natural, high-quality and eco-friendly materials such as locally sourced sheep wool and premium cotton. As a result, our textiles are not only made to last, but age beautifully.

The Founder

Born and raised in Morocco, Dounia Bounahmidi imagined Folks & Tales to fulfill three passions: design, social impact and cultural blending. She has always been secretly obsessed with visual arts and wanted to express her vision through unique products, drawing inspiration from her cultural roots as well as her travels.