Lilya Flat-Weave Rug
Slide View 1: Lilya Handwoven Berber Flat-weave Rug
Slide View 3: Lilya Handwoven Berber Flat-weave Rug Close-up
Lilya Flat-Weave Rug

Lilya Flat-Weave Rug


Striking by its simplicity, the Lilya flat-weave rug is where minimalist design meets intricate Berber weaving. In addition to the classic black and white combination, the variations of its natural white cream sheep wool make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Like all our Berber textiles, the Lilya handwoven flat-weave rug is the result of our ethical partnership with master weavers from the Atlas Mountains.

  • Handwoven in the Atlas Mountains
  • 70% natural sheep wool, 30% cotton
  • Black on Cream white
  • Dry clean only
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* Entirely woven by hand, lead time 6-8 weeks

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The Folks

At the heart of the Atlas Mountains, in the valley of Aït Hamza, we had the privilege to meet a group of strong and highly skilled berber women. Our ethical partnership goes beyond fair-trade, it is a human-centered relationship based on common trust and transparency. This group of six women is led by Yetto Afkir, an experienced artisan who learned hand weaving techniques at a very young age, and battled to build a small structure where artisans from her neighborhood can get together and weave their way to financial success and freedom.

The Tale

Hand weaving is a traditional craft in berber villages carried exclusively by women, and passed on from mothers to daughters. Besides meeting everyday needs and eventually providing a source of income, hand weaving is above all a way to keep traditions alive and strengthen the sense of community. Women artisans still handcraft unique pieces the way their ancestors did, from organic wool shorn from local sheep and hand spun, using rustic looms. We wish to bring you the best and most unique products, while making sure to keep these tales alive and continuously told, one exceptional piece at a time.

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