A note from the founder

Rediscovering my own country

June 13, 2018

Dounia, our founder, explains why she started Folks & Tales and reflects on how this journey made her rediscover her own country: Morocco.

I have always been fascinated by the creative process: diving deep into your imagination, forging new ideas, and bringing your own vision to the world. This is why I realized very early on during my college years that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and carve my own path. I not only have a visceral need to create but also always look for meaning in what I am doing; I can’t help but be passionate. Starting Folks & Tales fulfills my creative needs and helps me find purpose, but it has an additional impact I wasn’t expecting: shedding a new light on my own cultural identity.

In a world of economic and cultural globalization, I wanted to create a concept in which ancestral craftsmanship is preserved and communities are empowered. I also wanted to reinvent and offer a new take on cultural symbols I grew up surrounded by, blending past and future, old and new and expressing culture as it is lived and perceived in our modern world.

In my quest for excellence in craftsmanship, Morocco offers the perfect playground. It is characterized by its incredibly diverse landscapes, know-hows, art, symbols and people. I traveled multiple cities and remote villages, met with passionate people and exceptional artisans, rediscovering a country I grew up in and thought I knew so well. Collaborating with people in small communities and experiencing Morocco outside its modern cities has strengthened my cultural awareness and deepened my sense of legacy.

With Folks & Tales, my wish is to create a brand that says no to compromise, by preserving ancestral craftsmanship while being attentive to modern trends, by celebrating the folks who handcraft our products while bringing them financial security. This is the beginning of a journey that I wish to share with you, one story at a time.