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Fez Travel Guide

November 07, 2018

Home to our handwoven pillows collection, Fez is Morocco’s spiritual capital with one of the oldest Medinas in the Arab world. With its authentic atmosphere and preserved Historical monuments, the city has a charming effect.

In this article, we have rounded up our favorite hidden spots as well as the best places to visit and things to do. This insider’s travel guide will let you discover what the fascinating Fez has to offer from restaurants, creative activities, and cultural must-sees.


Best Restaurants in Fez


If you want a taste of Moroccan culinary avant-garde, where traditional and modern gastronomy blend perfectly, Nur restaurant is the place to be. Founded by renowned chef Najat Kaanache, it was voted best Moroccan restaurant in 2017. Located at the heart of the ancient Medina, Nur’s artfully prepared menu is served in a daring decor, blending contemporary black and white aesthetics with typical Moroccan design elements.

The Ruined Garden  

Inside the ruins of an ancient riad, the restaurant is set in a beautiful bohemian garden. This hidden gem serves Moroccan classic cuisine, prepared in the purest tradition using locally sourced ingredients. At lunch, you can order Moroccan ‘tapas’, whereas the dinner menu is à la carte and includes a daily special. The Ruined Garden also offers the possibility to order a day in advance a selection of special-occasion dishes such as 7-hour lamb ‘mechwi’ or the Pigeon pastilla.

Dar Roumana 

Discover chef Younes Idriss’s exquisite Franco-Moroccan fusion cuisine at Dar Roumana. The menu is continuously changing to reflect local seasons and available produce. The restored five-room riad in which it is located sets a majestic atmosphere for a memorable fine dining experience. Dar Roumana means House of Pomegranate, a name that pays a tribute to the large pomegranate trees that once lined its neighborhood’s alleys.


Best activities to do in Fez

Craft Draft 

Fez is Morocco’s most dynamic city in terms of artisanal craft production, and what better way to experience that than by joining a craft workshop? Craft Draft is a multidisciplinary art studio offering workshops in different Moroccan crafts such as brass etching, Islamic geometry or weaving. The studio’s mission is to preserve Fez old Medina’s traditional crafts by sharing skills and knowledge. Workshops are either in a group or individual and last four hours on average.

Domaine de la Pommeraie 

Cheese tasting isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Morocco, yet the country offers amazing specialties in that area. By visiting Domaine de la Pommeraie, located 30 km away from Fez, you will discover a range of organic and locally produced artisanal goat cheeses. You will also learn about the ancestral technique behind every product and enjoy the surrounding landscapes.

Dar Namir 

Learn the art of Moroccan cooking in one of Dar Namir’s courses. Founded by British food writer Tara Stevens, Dar Namir’s cooking classes take place in the riad’s courtyard kitchen and explore the diversity of Moroccan flavors and techniques. In the day-long ‘Introduction to Modern Moroccan Cooking’ course, students first select ingredients and produce directly from the medina before using them to learn how to prepare five different dishes.


Best things to see in Fez

The old Medina 

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the city, and soak in its rich History, is to get lost inside the old Medina. This fascinating maze of scents, hidden gardens and workshops is Fez’s beating heart. There, you can visit the famous tanneries, the oldest university in the world (Al Quaraouiyine) and wander through the numerous pathways showing off all sorts of handicrafts. To get the most of the experience, it’s better to hire an official guide who will take you through the best places and hidden spots.

Jnan Sbil Garden

After the Medina’s frenzy, a promenade in Jnan Sbil gardens provides a peaceful break. This recently renovated century-old garden includes multiple fountains, palm and orange trees lined alleys as well as a bird-filled lake.

Jungle Rooftop 

Finish your day on a festive note by sipping a cocktail at the Jungle Rooftop which is located inside the city’s first boutique hotel, the Sahrai. This rooftop overlooks the whole city offering a spectacular view on both the new and old parts of Fez.


Where to stay in Fez

Palais Faraj 

Located 5 minutes away from the Medina, Palais Faraj is a riad-style hotel offering the comfort of modern facilities in a traditionally designed set-up. The hotel offers a memorable view of the old Medina and its sumptuous decor will make you travel in time to an ancient palace. Don’t miss their beautiful traditional spa (hammam) with Argan soap as well as the orange flower relaxing massage. 

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